Fifteen HCG Diet List To Have A Successful HCG Diet

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Fifteen HCG Diet List To Have A Successful HCG Diet -

1. Decide when to start.
Pick a date that won’t interfere with a major date such as a wedding or holiday. When you pick a date to start the HCG diet, write it down on your calendar or add it to your online calendar.

2. Tell your friends, your family and your coworkers that you are starting this diet.
Letting your friends know that you are starting the diet has two benefits. The first reason to tell them is so that they will support you in your weight loss endeavor. The second reason to tell them is so that they won’t be concerned when they see you using HCG drops.

3. Read the HCG diet protocol by Dr. Simeon’s in its entirety.
Then read it again so that you understand it. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about the protocol, especially if you have other health conditions like diabetes or a thyroid disorder.

4. Order your HCG drops.
Order the drops at least four weeks before your start date so that the HCG will arrive in time.

5. Take a “Before” picture.
Take a picture of yourself before you start taking the HCG. This will give you a physical reminder of what you used to look like and serve as motivation to stay on the diet. It will also be an amazing picture to show those who don’t believe that you were once that heavy.

6. Purchase a journal.
Get a journal so that you can record your before and after statistics and document your progress on the HCG diet.

7. Record your measurements.
You should record several key measurements such as your weight circumference. Measure your bust, your arms and your legs. When it feels like you aren’t losing much weight, you can check these measurements later. A side benefit of gathering this information is the ability to give it to your health insurance provider. If you can demonstrate that you’ve lost inches around your waist, even if you haven’t lost much weight, you may become eligible for wellness rewards for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

8. Step on the scale.
Check your weight against a scale. Write it down.

9. Go through a colon cleanse or adopt a high fiber diet.
This step is optional, but the changes it induces will aid you in achieving your weight loss goals.

10. Buy the foods that are listed as allowed on the HCG diet.
Before you start the HCG diet, you should have all of the foods recommended by Dr. Simeons in your fridge and pantry. Either throw out or donate all foods that are prohibited on the HCG diet. Don’t start eating more than usual in an effort to consume it all before you can’t eat it anymore.

11. Get a Foreman grill if you do not already have one.
Foreman grills let you eliminate the fat and grease in the lean meat that you will be cooking.

12. Learn from the mistakes of others.
Read online discussion boards on the HCG diet. What mistakes have others made on this diet? What did they do that interfered with the diet or caused them to fall off? Read about their mistakes now so that you do not make them yourself.

13. Find HCG diet friendly recipes.
Research recipes that are HCG diet friendly. It is easier to follow new recipes that are designed to use ingredients on the HCG diet than try to modify your favorite recipes to meet the dietary requirements. Your old favorites won’t taste the same, and that might make you crave foods you can’t have on the diet.

14. Plan your menus for variety.
Plan your meals in advance, and plan for variety. Don’t eat the same few foods each day. Use different recipes each day to gain variety.

15. Actually start your diet.
After all of this planning, don’t forget to actually start your diet. If you postpone its beginning, all of this planning will have been for naught.

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