What To HCG Food List To Follow When You Are On A HCG Diet

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What To HCG Food List To Follow When You Are On A HCG Diet - besthcgdiets.com

When someone introduces us to a new diet program, take for instance the HCG diet, they don’t usually talk about the recipes that should be cooked to follow the diet meal plan correctly. What they usually want to talk about are the principles behind the diet and they probably will persuade you by all means possible into subscribing to the HCG injections diet. When they have successfully sold you out into the HCG program, it will then be your responsibility to look for HCG recipes and meal plans that you can use and include in your diet.

You’ll be surprised at the extensiveness of the HCG recipes you can find online. Virtually all HCG websites and even personal blogs of those who have been patronizing the HCG diet have created a separate section intended solely for HCG recipes to help jump-start people with their program.

HCG recipes are unique in such a way that each recipe contains an enormously strict estimated caloric count. When a person decides to engage into the HCG diet program, he/she must have thoroughly made up his/her mind about it because this diet plan is extremely rigid. There are some parts that allow room for flexibility, like it gives you the liberty to choose the types of recipes you’d like to follow and it allows you to personalize your own diet menu. However, when it comes to the caloric count, each recipe and every diet menu that you have must coincide with the amount required by Dr. Simeons, the founder of the HCG Diet. Otherwise, the diet will not be as effective as most people claim to be. So do not waste your efforts in dieting if you aren’t that serious about following their requirements. You’ll only end up frustrated and the results will imminently disappoint you.

What makes the HCG diet different from all other fad diets is that it still follows the standard balanced diet principle except for a few caloric restrictions. This diet has a specific diet food list that allows you to choose from a wide array of approved foods that you can mix and match with your everyday entrees. So basically, this diet aims to take out a massive percentage of fat from your body after the completion of all four phases. It is during the second phase of the diet wherein the dieter is allowed to eat all the foods listed on the scientifically approved food list without any caloric restrictions. This aims to prepare the body for the next succeeding weeks of extremely low caloric food intake. The HCG Diet Food List includes the following: asparagus, cucumber, celery, cabbage, green salad and spinach. This is for the vegetable selection, as for the meat you are allowed to eat any white-fleshed fish, lobsters, crayfish, chicken breast (skinned and boned) lean steak and lean roast.

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