How Does it Work

In HCG Diet Drops

HCG works by honing in on the hypothalamus gland, the part in our brain that receives messages. The hyphothalamus basically knows when there is an imbalance in the hormonal levels in our body and “sends” orders accordingly.

By helping to “manipulate” the hypothalamus glands, HCG basically tells your body that there is an imbalance and that the way to correct that is to consume the fat deposits in your body. Not only that, regularly using the HCG diet plan allows you to re-train your metabolism for it to work faster and more efficiently.

This is why even though you’ve already lost the weight through the help of HCG Ultra Diet drops, you can be sure to keep it off.

How much will you lose?

Every diet plan varies in its results simply because every person is different – different metabolism, different lifestyle, different diet, etc. If you want to know how much weight you’ll lose with the HCG Ultra Diet Drops, it will have to depend on you and finding the right plan.

HCG Ultra Diet has 3 different plans to suit different health conditions and weight loss goals

Plan 1 Lose over 40+ pounds in just 60 days.

Plan 2 Gives you half the result in half the time, Lose 20lb 40lbs.

Plan 3 Is the most aggressive among all three and will help you to lose 8 to 10 pounds within 8 days – that is basically one pound a day!

Is it really effective?

The great thing about the HCG Ultra Diet Drops is that it the makers are confident of giving you the results that you want. They have a full refund guarantee in case you don’t lose the weight within a particular period of time. If they weren’t confident with the results, would they bother giving a guarantee? It is fast, safe, effective and guaranteed to work. What else could you lose – except maybe those few extra pounds?

For those who still uncertain whether then should spend their hard earned money on a product which might not work for them weve got a special Free Trial offer of Amazing HCG, all you pay is $4.95 for Shipping & Handling. Click Here for FREE Trial offer or click below to purchase HCG Ultra Diet Drops!

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