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Original HCG Injections mainly helps burning abnormal fat banks. HCG diet uses the advantages of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone, which is available in various forms such as pellets, injections, pellets, powder and sprays. HCG injections are the most primitive form.

According to Dr. ATW Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches,” injections were used during 1950 to cure obesity however with time many different forms have evolved.

HCG diet plan is the combination of HCG hormone and very low calorie diet that not only helps burning stored/abnormal fat banks but also helps resetting hypothalamus gland. It’s a permanent weight loss therapy that refurbishes your eating habits.

Important Facts About Real HCG Injections

Real HCG injections are available online however it is advisable to do a bit of research before purchasing these injections. HCG injections can be mixed from the comfort of home and should be taken in the presence of a physician. Buying injections from US based companies is the right choice.

There are many third party non-US based companies that sell ineffective injections that contain no HCG. Only US based companies sell real HCG injections. US based companies follow good manufacturing practices and all the HCG products are made in FDA approved labs.

 To Procure HCG Injections → Natural HCG Injection

Taking injections daily can be a painful process especially to people having needle phobia. Homeopathic HCG diet drops are considered to be the most effective form of HCG in recent times. It’s much easier to take these drops than injections. Homeopathic diet drops come with calibrated droppers that don’t require any mixing job like injections.

HCG diet drops are prepared after rigorous dilution process, which is why they are completely free from side effects. These drops contain vitamin B12, cell salts and HCG hormone. Some reputed companies also provide free HCG diet guide, sample meal plans, cookbooks, Pounds and Inches, diet kits, online support etc with every purchase.

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