Safely Storing And Using HCG By Buying HCG Online

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Safely Storing And Using HCG By Buying HCG Online -

It makes sense for HCG dieters and HCG enthusiasts to have their fair amount of questions regarding HCG and the best way to store their HCG supplement; after all, without proper storage most of the HCG products will lose their effectiveness over a short period of time. Learning how to properly maintain HCG potent and effective will allow you to use it to its fullest to achieve your weight lost goals. Before that you can even buy HCG online.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG, is found naturally in the body in the form of a hormone. Just like all hormones, the chemicals that make up HCG, are highly reactant to changes in temperature, specially heat. Hormones have a very delicate and unique composition that if altered can nullify whatever effect they have on the body. In the case of HCG, when exposed to high levels of heat, the components of this hormone (proteins) can loosen from one another and die off; resulting in a less powerful diet supplement.

You may store your oral HCG drops as well as unmixed HCG anywhere in your home as long as is kept at room temperature and far from any heat source (e.g radiators or sunlight) that can potentially reduce the effectiveness of your product. Ideally, your chosen storage place should have a regular temperate as well as being dry (keep HCG from any moisture). For those who choose to take HCG by injections in the order hand, it’s important to keep the supplements on the fridge at all times. And only remove it from this cold temperature storage when it’s time to use it. Any, unused HCG stored in a needle at room temperature that was not used at it’s original time should be thrown away and disposed as well. Follow this tips to achieve the best weight loss results.

Although you may store your HCG shots and/or drops in any particular place of your liking, remember to always plan ahead if you are taking your HCG on the go. If you want to transport your shots or drops, remember to have them in a cold storage (preferably a cooler or ice pack). Also, is highly advisable to avoid leaving any HCG on a vehicle, as high temperatures can damage the product significantly. Also If your HCG shots or drops seem to have changed colors or contain any form of residue is best to dispose of immediately and avoid taking any further doses.

HCG can be taken in the form of injections or drops. Never self inject HCG if you are not completely sure how to do it properly (HCG should be injected into a prominent muscle or by Subcutaneous Injection). When it comes to taking oral HCG drops, the correct way is by placing the drops under the tongue and allowing the drops to be absorbed gradually by your body. Directly swallowing will expose the liquid to the digestive system and thus the hormone will be broken down by your gastric acids resulting in little weightloss effects from your drops. If you follow all of these tips, you can be sure to obtain optimum results from your use of your HCG products.

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