There Is No Waste Of Money In Loading Days We Know How Much HCG Costs

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There Is No Waste Of Money In Loading Days We Know How Much HCG Costs -

Losing weight is a huge undertaking but it is definitely possible with HCG injections. However, even with the surety that is provided by HCG there are still some steps that you have to follow so that you can ensure the success of your weight loss endeavor.

One of the most important of these steps is the consumption of a huge amount of food that is highly rich in fat as soon as you begin your HCG treatment. The consumption of these foods rich in fat should last for no less than the first two days of your HCG injections.

These first two days are not days that have been arbitrarily decided upon but are the number of days that have been recommended by Dr. Simeons, ATW. The doctor clearly stated that anybody on the HCG diet should eat as much fattening food as possible up until they have received their third HCG injection. This statement was contained in his ‘Pounds and Inches’ manuscript that focused on weight loss
Dr. Simeons also goes on to state that these loading days are not just advisable but are critical to the success of the weight loss program under HCG. According to him, ignoring these loading days can have serious negative consequences for the dieter. These consequences include a decline in the rate of weight loss or even a complete failure of the entire weight loss initiative.

Dr. Simeons gives a couple of concrete reasons as to why these consequences arise.
– He begins by stating that the rationale that informs the need for the loading days is the fact that the HCG diet requires a certain high level of fatty stock reserves in the body that will enable it to jumpstart the body metabolism necessary for weight loss. The fat consumed during the loading days will provide the optimum level of fat required during the start of the HCG weight loss injections.
– He further adds that for the HCG hormone to take full effect there must be at least three body injections. This happens because during the first two injections the body will not yet have circulated enough abnormal fat that can then become available for depletion. This in effect means that any dieter on HCG will not lose any abnormal fat up until the third injection is done. This is regardless of whether the dieter adheres to the two loading days or not.
– He concludes by stating that the loading days will also help dieters to reduce the level of hunger pains that they would feel when they begin the 500calories diet.

You will find that most dieters are actually afraid of gaining weight during the two loading days. Such dieters often opt to skip the loading days and move right into the 500calories diet. This is however an unfounded fear amongst dieters.

The loading days as explained above are important for building up enough reserves of fat within the body to initiate the weight loss metabolism process, to ensure that the HCG has enough time to take full effect and to help dieters reduce their level of hunger during the 500calories diet.

During the loading days you can decide to choose fattening foods such as meat, olive oil, bacon, avocados and almond butter. You can also add on a little bit of sugary foods to your meals as well.

Be sure not to skip these loading days as they are an integral part of the HCG weight loss program. If you skip them you will feel hungry unnecessarily and the HCG diet will become unbearable.

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